Experts in 3D modelling

Most of the new designs that we undertake start off being created as a 3D model. The advantages of starting with a 3D model are the component can be seen easily on screen even by those that aren’t from a technical background. Once the individual components are created as 3D models they can be assembled just as they are in reality it’s then easy to visualise the end product. Changes can be made far easier on the screen than with an actual component.

From these models the 2D manufacturing drawings and BOM’s can be produced. With the advancement of software all the 2D drawings are linked to the 3D model so once the 2D drawings are created if any changes are made to the model they automatically ripple through to the 2D drawings; the manufacturing drawings will always be up to date. This is also the same with the BOM’s if a component changes or the quantity of something changes the BOM is also automatically updated.

All of our 3D models are produced using Solidworks. We have several Solidworks versions so if clients are only working on the 2012 version we can accommodate this.

Our 3D service could be for producing a component library for customers or if they have a product but no current model  we can create it for them so any future modifications can be made .